The useReducer hook is similar to useState, but gives us a more structured approach for updating complex values.

    We typically use useReducer when our state has multiple sub-values, e.g. an object containing keys that we want to update independently.


    The useReducer hook requires 2 arguments, and has an optional 3rd argument:

    • reducer - a pure function that takes a state and an action, and returns a new state value based on the action
    • initialState - any initial state value, just like useState
    • initializer (optional) - a function called to lazily instantiate the initialState (this is uncommon)

    The useReducer hook returns the current state, and a dispatch function to update the state.


    In this example, we store both a first and last name in a single state object with useReducer.

    When we type a new first name, dispatch is called with { type: 'first', value: text } as its argument. This argument gets passed to the reducer as action. Then the reducer follows the switch case logic case 'first' and returns the new state: the current last name (from ...state) and the new first name contained in the action as action.value.

    There are certain patterns/naming conventions we often use around reducers, which we'll discuss in more detail in useReducer for managing data.

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    2. Example

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