New Features

    The JavaScript language is updated yearly with new features. If you haven't used JavaScript in a while, you'll likely see some unfamiliar syntax in React Native code.

    If you're brand new to JavaScript, I wrote a separate intro-to-JavaScript guide, which you may want to check out before diving into React Native: JavaScript Express. It also covers TypeScript. It's still a work-in-progress, but it covers quite a bit already.

    Language highlights

    In this section, we'll cover a handful of interesting features from recent years which are common in React Native apps:

    • Imports and exports
    • Block-scoped declarations
    • Arrow functions
    • Classes
    • Destructuring
    • Spread
    • Async/await

    Want to learn React Native in-depth?

    If you like React Native Express, you'll love my new book, Fullstack React Native: The complete guide to React Native! Throughout the book, we'll build 7 full apps, covering complex topics like navigation, gestures, and native modules. We don't assume any knowledge of React or newer JavaScript language features, so you can dive right in regardless of your experience level. The book comes in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

    Looking for more help?

    Infinite Red sponsors React Native Express and is the premier React Native agency. They're also the team behind the React Native newsletter, podcast, and conference listed here. Get in touch at for a proposal on your next project!